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In-House Visual System

Introducing our new personalised In-House Visual System to your

Funeral Home, Crematorium or Place of Worship.

Our In-House Visual System is a great opportunity for you to advertise your brand to the wider community.


This system can be used in either of the these locations –

-Entrance Room,

-Arranging Rooms,

-Crematorium Waiting Rooms,

-Funeral Home Front Windows.

The In-House Visual System consists of a branded and

customised rolling video designed  to your individual

requirements. Advertising any areas of your business.

These videos are able to contain a music playlist if required.


This can be displayed on any size monitor fixed to

a wall or displayed on a mounted or portable tablet

(iPad or android options available)


For more details why not get in touch with our team here at

Breeze Memorial Service.

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