Funeral Service Keepsakes


When family members cannot attend a funeral service, it can be an upsetting and difficult time. 

We are able to offer a wide range of services so those important people can still be involved in their loved ones service, no matter where in the world they may be.



These services include :


- Live Streaming (with restricted access) 
- Photography
- Videography 
- Audio Recording



We will carry out these services as discreetly as possible to minimise any distraction and disruption to the service.



These services are not just restricted to funeral services, we are able to offer them for any other type of event where you feel it might be beneficial.

If you feel we can help you with your special event, then get in touch with our staff and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Live Streaming - 


Live Streaming of both audio and visual will make sure everyone is included in the service. 

This service will be provided on a private and secure platform, where only those with a link will be able to view the service. 

Live Streaming can be done in any church, graveside or crematorium service. 

All live-streamed services will be kept with an on-demand service for 30 days after the funeral service. 

Photography / Videography - 


Photography is a great way of holding on to those last memories. 

This is a great service for loved ones if they have planned a very special or individual service. 

Copyright of all photos and video footage taken will remain with the family. 

Audio Recording - 

In some service locations, it is not possible to offer a live stream.  Instead, we are able to offer an audio recording facility. 

We will record the whole service for loved ones unable to attend the service, and this can be listened to at a later date. 

Emotions run high on the day of a funeral service and it is not always the time and place to remember everything that is mentioned in a tribute. Now with this service, you don't have to. 


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